Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watch for the the Little Things

     When Dwayne and I were called to start Fusion, we visited other church’s that were similar to how we envisioned Fusion to be. One of the churches we visited was in Mississippi. After the service, we spent time speaking to the pastor at the front of the sanctuary and then he kindly prayed for us and the start of our new church. Their sanctuary was an old skating rink with the chairs and stage at one end. At the other end, they had set up tables and chairs to have a dinner after church to raise money for a mission trip. They had invited us to stay and eat and we accepted. After we finished praying with the pastor, we hurriedly walked to the other end to find a seat so they could begin serving. Because we were the last ones to be seated and they had been waiting on us, I knew all eyes were on us. We had to cross in front of all the tables to get to the only empty seats. As soon as we got dead center, in full view of all onlookers . . . I fell down and ended up on all fours! Thank God I didn’t do the back fall! Yes, I was humiliated but actually my husband comforted me. Now as of today, you have heard 18 falling stories. Do you remember any of them including my husband lovingly helping me up and holding on to me until I could find a place to sit (Dwayne: I have not been around ALL the falls!)? Trust me it hasn’t happened until this specific time. He was great! He bent down, asked me if I was okay, helped me up, and walked me to my seat! I know my leg hurt because I fell hard enough to melt the knee of my polyester pants. However, I think I was in such shock that he was being such a gentlemen, I didn’t even think about the pain or the embarrassment. Now, he says that his kindness had nothing to do with the 100+ onlookers but the only way he will ever convince me of that, is to be that kind from now on each time I fall. I have been waiting now 3 years to test him but so far; I have been fall free! Maybe I finally got it out of my system. Within a few minutes of sitting down a very nice woman approached me. She had a part of a candy wrapper in her hand. It was approximately an inch square. She started explaining to me that she had found this on the floor where I fell and she was sure it was the cause of my fall. How wonderful! I might not have ice and snow to blame anymore, but I now have a piece of paper to blame! I loved this lady!
     Often during our spiritual walk, we are very cautious of the big obstacles that can trip us up.  However, many times it is the little things that cause us to stumble. A little lie, a few minutes of gossip, a small amount of hidden anger, a few lustful thoughts, a couple of weeks away from church and Christian friends, a single outburst, and several disrespectful responses are some of the little things that can sneak up on us and cause us to slip and fall. Do not disregard the little things that can creep into your day. We must stay alert and guard our hearts from the little and big attacks from Satan.  What little things in your life are waiting to trip you up?

Don’t take Wicked Bypass; don’t so much as set foot on that road. Stay clear of it;
give it a wide berth. Make a detour and be on your way.
Proverbs 4:14-15

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Steph said...

Sometimes the little things get pushed away because we are so focused on the big things.