Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Does God Owe You?

     I was visiting a friend in Houston this week and I went to church with them Sunday morning. It was a lovely church. However, the style is way different than Fusion but one I had spent the majority of my life in. It was in a denomination I haven’t been too in 30 years but through all that, I enjoyed the service. They had heart behind their rituals. They had an associate pastor preach. She is the first woman pastor I have ever heard preach. She was also very young, like in her twenties though she looked like she was 16 years old. I really was prepared to endure the sermon. I love it when God surprises you through your own judgments! I loved her delivery and her message! Any guess on what the topic was? It was PRAYER and our pagan attitudes.

      She spoke how pagans would perform their duties to get something from their gods: protection, prosperity, and blessing. How often do we live life like the pagans and try to do our good work for God so we get something from him. We get to the point where we believe that we because we go to church, we faithfully pray, we love God, we serve God, we have memorized our Bible, etc., so He owes us by keeping the crisis’s of life away from us. I think we all have fallen into this trap. I remember catching myself with those thoughts when I had moved my family to Montana to serve God. In return, He should make sure things go smoothly for me to reward me for my sacrifice. In reality, missionaries die on the field after surrendering all for God, pastor’s families still endure struggles, mature Christians still endure heartbreak!
     When we serve God to get something from him the focus is on us: not on God! It is a form of manipulation! We can see it in our prayers! God please do this for me because I do this for you! God if you will do this for me then I will do this for you! That kind of deal making works in all of our relationships except for our relationship with God. It has to be about Him and Him only!

Jesus answered, “It is written ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only”
Luke 4:8

Notice it does not say, serve God and yourself!

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Mrs. T. said...

I think people who want to make deals with God are the ones who need to know who he is the most. I would not want to rely on what I want. I would be missing out on a very good blessing because I'm sure what he has in mind for me is so much better. For what he's done for us is such a blessing. Sometimes we think we know just what we want and get dissapointed because we don't get it, and then people blame God for it. He no doubt just saved you from your yourself. I'd put my trust in him only. I know he won't let me down.