Friday, January 21, 2011

Are Your Relationships Pure?

     Another drink we need to consume in moderation is juice. Juice is great for us when it is in pure form. It is sweet, refreshing, and gives us many nutrients and antioxidants. Juicing has become very popular. We juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We can buy a variety of mixed juices on the shelf in any grocery store. Pure 100% juice is premium fuel for the body. However, as with many things that are good, juices have been corrupted. A large majority of the juices we purchase have tons of sugar and additives added to them. Many times the ‘juice’ has no real juice in it. It is just glorified pop. So, though juice is good for us in its pure form, imitations are not beneficial to us and can actually be deterrents to our health. When we drink juice out of moderation we again do not drink water. Juice should only be consumed in addition to water and never in place of it.

     Today’s analogy for our spiritual juice is relationships. Relationships are great blessings that God gives us. In scripture we see many relationships that God honors and blesses: marriages, friends, parents, and families. He tells us to love one another and to care for each other to the point of carrying each others burdens. When we have healthy and pure relationships guided by God they are beneficial to our spiritual health. They can be sweet and refreshing. They give us nutrition for our spirit. However, we can run into problems in two ways. First, our relationship can be corrupted by the world. It is very hard today to find and maintain pure relationships. We have distorted relationships from the way God designed and created them. Relationships today are needy, non-sacrificial, self centered and self seeking. They operate on conditional love and nobody can live up to its conditions for the long run. Today we see same sex marriages, people living together, divorces everywhere, children not speaking to parents and parents abusing children, friendships that do not last, and marriages full of anger. It appears that people are out to destroy each other. Two, our relationships can take such precedence that we do not have time or the desire for Jesus. When relationships stay pure they are Christ centered. When they are Christ centered they are sacrificial, self-sacrificing, and giving. They give unconditional love. They stay true to the way God created them to be.
     Relationships add such value and joy to our lives. However, they should never take the place of worshiping and serving Jesus. They are to be in addition to the priority relationship we're to have with Jesus in our lives. When they are not pure relationships, they are deterrents to our spiritual health. Never let the relationships in your life rob you of consuming Living Water. No relationship is worth giving up your relationship with Christ, or the blessing of enjoying a pure, sweet, Christ centered relationship. What kind of relationships do you have? Do you have relationships that you should not have? Are your relationships in the proper priority? Are you who you need to be for those you have a relationship with? Is God your number one relationship? Consume the Living Water and enjoy the benefits to your spiritual health. It is the only way to avoid spiritual dehydration.

“For my people have committed two evils, they have forsaken me, the Fountain of living water and they have hewn for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns which cannot hold water.” Jeremiah 2:13

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Steph said...

It is often hard to have pure friendships. I know that there are many friendships I have lost and wondered why or friendships I was glad were over. You are right if we keep seeking God then we can be the friend we need to be.