Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Do You Enter?

     Yesterday, we covered the principle of running into the throne room to climb up on our Daddy’s lap. There is another principle of the throne room we need to practice as well. We need to enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with praise. So often we pour out our needs to God but never tell Him how awesome He is to us. We get so busy going from need to need that we seldom remember to return and thank God for the blessings He already has given us. When we hear the story of the ten leapers who were healed and only one returned to thank Jesus; we are amazed at the nine that did not return, but in reality we are no better. I am sure they were off to live their busy lives and find their next big need! God loves the praises of His people. If we want to show our love for God and give Him something He loves; then we need to give Him praise! However, it is hard to give praise to someone we do not know intimately. We need to spend time in scripture to develop intimacy with God. Studying His names give us many characters of God to praise Him for! They teach us that he is our shepherd, He is our provider, He is our salvation, He is our Sovereign Lord, He sees everything that happens to us, He is our sanctification, etc. There are many things to praise him for! There are many things to thank him for!

     Have you ever had a relationship with someone where they constantly wanted something from you but they never thanked you or praised you for anything! After so long, we start to have a problem with them and their ungratefulness.
     How do you want God to feel about you? Do you want Him to be pleased and love you praises, or do you want Him to be frustrated with your ungratefulness? Do your prayers reflect what you want to portray to God?

Enter with the password be 'Thank You'
Make yourself at home with praise.
Thank Him.  Worship Him.
For God is sheer beaut, all generous in love,
loyal always and ever.
Psalm 100:4 (The Message)

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