Monday, March 15, 2010

It is a Process!

This weekend was consumed with getting me a new laptop for home use. First, we had to decide what I was going to get. I actually ended up getting a netbook. I love it! I was a little scared at first because it was so much smaller than I am use too, but I should be able to take it anywhere I go with great ease. I think it could even travel in my large purse. Well, I really wish getting a computer could be done in my fantasy world! I would walk into a store, tell them what I need in a computer, they would hear me, and give me exactly what I need: no more and no less. I would be able to spend what I had budgeted and there would be no additional fees. Most importantly, I would take it out of the box, plug it in, and it would be ready to go! All I would need to do is open it, drop my old files into it, and start working. Well, like always I am forced to live in reality, and reality can be a pain. First, we had to compare the details of one computer to another. I had to compare facts using a language I don't understand. I had to have Dwayne explain things to me and he answers in man language and I don't always understand that either. Why can't anyone talk in simple terms when it comes to computers? I had to then convince Dwayne to not get more than I need. He is great at looking long term and tries to get as much stuff as we can get and stay in the top of our budget. I try to get the least I can get by with, for the least amount of money (which always proves to be the wrong move! Dwayne added!). Usually, the middle ground between us ends up being the best choice. We ended up having to drive to Tulsa and after minimal deliberation, I decided that a netbook was what I wanted, and paying a little more for a well known brand was what he wanted. At that point, you would think we could buy it and go. NOT! You have to decide on software, anti-virus, protection service, and if you want them to 'clean up' your new computer! A computer is the only thing I purchase that I have to pay someone to clean it up, out of the box! When you take your computer out of the box, you have tons of advertisements and trial software, and junk programs on your computer that can slow it up before you ever use it! It would be like buying a TV and having to watch hours of commercials before you could watch a show! Amazing!!! We decided to have them clean it up so we could bring it home and start using it. We waiting two hours for them to do their magic. I was so excited to use the computer, I pulled it out of the box to play with it while Dwayne drove me home. Well, I couldn't get it to turn on! I had to get home and charge it. Then I had to download my programs I use like Skype and Itunes! Then I had to get my email page set up to be the home page for my internet. Lastly, I had to download my Microsoft Office which is still in process as I write. Maybe, by the time I come home Monday night, I can drop my files in and be set!
As frustrating as getting my computer up and running is, I can see a lot of similarities with getting started on our journey as a Christian. When we start feeling the draw towards God, we start a decision making process. Then we make the decision to become a follower of Jesus. We are excited and ready to start living our spirit filled life! Very quickly we realize, it isn't that easy. There has to be a 'clean up' process. We have to eliminate the junk that causes our new life to be bogged down and not operate as smoothly as it could. After we get the junk discarded, we have to start downloading the information we need to operate our new life in all the ways we dreamed of.
     Have you ever known someone that became discouraged because their new life as a Christian did not change as quickly as they had hoped? How can you come along side them and encourage them? Could you mentor them? If that discouraged Christian is you, know that it is a process. Don't get too hard on yourself and become discouraged. Talk to other Christians and asked them how they got through similar situations. Ask a Christian you admire, if they would mentor you! We have to help each other! It is the way God established it! It is part of the process.

Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.
Hebrews 3:13


Steph said...

I was one of those discouraged Christisans. I remember thinking that my life would magically be perfect because I had accepted Jesus into my heart and when that was not the case I began wondering did I do something wrong or has God abandoned me. It was a really hard time, but I did just as you said and asked some people who were not baby Christians.

Mrs. T said...

Had to e-mail yahoo to find out why it won't let me e-mail anymore. Not able to compose at all. I told them I'm not computer savy so please bring their response down so MAYBE I will understand it. Now all I have to do is decipher their e-mail. Go figure! Could it be it's just that it's over 12 yr. old? LOL. Seems that things go so fast these days, but no matter how fast or bogged down things get the Lord is the one thing we can count on no matter how old or young you are. His word is the one thing that will never be antique. I'm glad he's in control.