Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We All Need A Little Help!

    For months I have been going crazy with this rattle in my car. It comes and goes which only adds to my frustration. It is one of those sounds that seem impossible to figure out where it is coming from. First, I thought it was coming from the back. So, I crawled in the back seat while Dwayne was driving and put my ear up to everything trying to figure out the sound. (I know you are smirking at me, don’t you wish you had a video of that, so sorry you don’t! haha) I felt sure I had figured out that the sound was coming from the dash. I remembered around six months ago they did some work on the CD player and had to replace it. My investigating skills had convinced me that when they replaced the player, they must not have tightened up some of the screws. I have gotten to the point of wanting to trade the car in to get rid of the rattle! It also adds to my frustration that when someone gets in my car, it is silent. My car saves its misbehavior for me! I chalked it up to a big patience builder! Well, the other day, a friend of mine from work rode in my car and the rattle was going strong. She heard it! She soon started the search for the rattle and she started trying to convince me that it was coming from the side of the car. I explained that it was a very tricky rattle that can throw its sound around and drive you crazy! She was persistent and within minutes she determined that the sound was coming from my sunroof. Not the glass part but the hood part that I close to keep the sun out! I told her she was crazy and laughed at her. She slide shut the hood and sure enough the rattle quit. I got in my car yesterday and the rattle was back. I piously chuckled that my friend wasn’t right after all. However, my pious attitude did not last long because within seconds I noticed the sunroof hood was open. I shut it: the sound went away!!! Dang it she was right! How did she find it so fast when it has taken me six months to find what I thought it was, only to be wrong!
     God knew that sometimes we would need others to help us figure out our problems. We think we got it in control but in reality we are off base. Another Christian can look at things from a different perspective and know right where the root of the issue is. Henry Blackeby teaches in his study, 'Experience God' that God speaks to us in four ways: prayer, scripture, circumstances, and the body of Christ. God speaks to us through our Christian friends. When we refuse to share with our Christian friends and ask advice, we do not give our self the opportunity to hear God through our fellow believers. It also removes one-fourth of the ways that God speaks to us.
     Do you keep things to yourself? Or do you talk to your Christian friends about your problems, questions, and need for advice? Don't walk alone; God wants you to have company along your journey of life to help guide and encourage you. You are not meant to be alone!

And let us consider and give attentive, continuous care to watching over one another, studying how we may stir up (stimulate and incite) to love and helpful deed and noble activities. Not forsaking to neglecting to assemble together (as believers), but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching.
Hebrews 10: 24-25


Steph said...

It has taken me awhile to open up to people with issues. I have learned that a lot of times my friends have been through similar issues or are currently going through the same thing. It really helps to talk about these things and see council about them.

Sherry said...

So I think that I open up with people who are safe (like you).....but I "wall up" with people I think are unsafe and that I don't trust. Which can be good. Or bad.

The retreat taught me that. I can't shut everyone out just because of another person's presence.