Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trust and Persistence

     Yesterday, I had a convers with Brittne that hurt my heart as a mother and worse as a fellow Christian. When Brittne went to Peru one of her assignments was to get several churches to support her through prayer. I am sure that many people, some who know and love her, and some that are strangers, pray for her faithfully. My conviction came when she shared how she never knows that because she has never received any message from them telling her so. The conversation wasn't geared towards complaining about what had not been done but she was saying how special a church in Florida had been to her. They did not know her before she went but they adopted one of the villages she works with. They take time to communicate with her and ask her if she has any needs and how they can pray for her group and for her personally. This has ministered to her so much. There are times she is lonely and feels far removed from those who love her because their ministry to her is an encouragement to her through these times. I was convicted that when God calls me to pray for someone, I also need to communicate with them, to encourage them, and to let them know they are not forgotten. I need to invest in them by asking how God is working in their life and if they have any specific needs. I should not have to be reminded of this because I have been the recipient of this kind of prayer by others. When we were home missionaries in Montana, we had a special man in Missouri pray for us everyday. I know it was more than just words with him. We could see the sincerity in him when he took the time to ask us how things he had prayed about turned out, or when he ask about our needs and our children's needs. When I was with him I always had tears in my eyes because of his love and sacrifice he gave us by praying for us everyday.
     When it comes to praying daily for me, my family, and loved ones I struggle; to be completely open with you. What I do well, is to take my prayers out of my hands and place them in God's hands. Once I put the situation or loved one in His hands, I do not continually remind Him to please take care of them. I feel if I am trusting him, I do not need to continually ask Him to help. However, I can not deny the fact that scripture speaks of daily prayer and for our persistence in it. So, where is the balance between trust and persistence? Of course, I asked God for a life picture to explain this to me. and of course, He was faithful to give me one.
     When Brittne was only a few months old, I put her on a blanket in the living room while I went to the restroom. Bryce was around 18 months old and was playing. Bryce was a normal child who believed mothers should never be alone in the bathroom, so he made sure to keep the door open and check on me every few seconds. Then he was gone for at least a minute. I would have worried but I could hear him doing something down the hallway. Soon, he was backing into the bathroom and was dragging something. He had dragged his sister, on the blanket, down the hall and presented her at my feet. He was reminding me to remember his sister. Now, I know he was just 18 months old but in his simple thinking, I do not believe he didn't think I would take care of her. He had no reason to think that. I believe he just felt better knowing that she was in my presence, where he wanted to be.
     Isn't that how we should see praying for others. It is not that we do not trust God to take care of them. We just want to make sure they are presented to the Lord and it is our way to bring them into the presence of God. Bryce didn't throw a fit or try to convince me to take care of his sister, he trusted me for that, he just wanted her in my view. Likewise, we don't need to beg or plead with God to take care of his children, we can totally trust Him for that. We are just bringing loved ones into His view. This picture speaks tenderly to my heart. It shows me the balance between trust and persistence. I need to trust God for His care and yet bring those I love into His presence.
How faithful are you to pray for others? Do you encourage them by telling them they are prayed for? Do you ask them how you can pray? Are you persistent?
Can you join me in just bringing others into the presence of God?

So, friends, we can now--without hesitation---walk right up to God in 'the Holy Place." Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. The "curtain" into God's presence is his body. So, let's do it -- full of belief, confident that we're presentable inside and out. Let's keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let's see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out.
Hebrews 10:19-23


Mrs. T said...

I never set aside a time to pray because every time I do there seem to be to many distractions. I know the devil is just trying to keep me from giving God the glory. Whoever or whatever comes into my mind at any given time,gets a prayer right there and then and no matter what I'm doing. Just remember to pray anytime you can because He is always listening. He'll always have the time we need.

Steph said...

I pray all the time. If I see something and it triggers a person or something I will pray right then. I guess I struggle telling people that I pray for them or asking them if they need me to pray for them in any way. Something always stops me. I just get a feeling that shouldn't. I can't explain it. I often send cards out to friends and family saying that I have been praying for them but it is hard to do it in person. I am going to try and ask at least one person everyday if there is something that I can pray for them.

Tammy said...

What a beautiful picture of laying our friends and loved ones and even the lost in front of the Father.
I have always had trouble wrapping my mind around the dicotomy of trust and persistance. It always felt as if I continued to pray, knowing that the Father would take care of things, that I was just being a nag.
Now I see more clearly the reason He says to trust Him, but also to pray continuously. I can be persistant in prayer, knowing I still trust Him without being a cranky, nag!! WhooHoo! What a relief.
Thanks Tonya!!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful word picture for prayer.....