Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Have a Real Enemy!

    Though I love many things about Fall, there is one thing I hate: Halloween!  It always brings up a question that demands our attention: How much should Christians participate in Halloween?  Everyone has to answer that for themselves because we each will be accountable for our answer.
     For 30 years, I have tried to figure out where my line is.  I wish I could put on blinders and ignore it all together. Since that is not possible, I need to figure out how to live in this world that celebrates Halloween but not be of this world. I must admit it is easier now that my children are grown.  I can totally stay in the 'Fall Harvest' theme.
     One thing we need to be aware of during this time of year is how we portray Satan. We see cute little red devils everywhere. We make jokes about him like saying, “ The devil made me do it”. We act like he is nothing more than a cartoon character. We need to realize he is no joke. The world's fun levity about Satan is exactly what our devious enemy wants. We do not need to fear him but we need to understand who our enemy is. We need to realize his ultimate goal is to oppose God by devouring as many of His children as possible.
     We can understand him more by understanding his names and what they mean.
Satan = Adversary (he is our enemy)
Lucifer = Light Bearer (he portrays himself as an angel of light to deceive the children of God)
Devil = Slanderer
    Unless we lock ourselves up in our homes this week and keep our TVs turned off, we are not going to be able to escape the events of Halloween. However, we can commit to making a special effort to stay more focused on Christ, to pray more, and to stay mindful of the truth of who Satan is.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8


Steph said...

I will tell you that growing up we had Halloween parties at my house and it was so much fun and I enjoyed it so much. Some of my fondest memories of my cousins are at those parties where we played games and broke pinatas. I never thought about the devil or any of that stuff. So shortly after Jared and I were married we got into the discussion of Halloween and he got so mad that I used to "celebrate" it. I have pondered the answer to the same question you have asked. How much should we really participate??? The devil is very real and we need to remind ourselves of that, but I think that what the church does i.e. the bon fire and stuff is a great alternative for an Autumn Celebration. Dressing up kids in scary costumes and having dead things all around doesn't seem to portray the image that I would think Christians would want or at least I woudn't.

Sherry said...

Here is my confession: I like Halloween. It is getting dark early in Montana by the time Oct 31 roles kids dress up like ninjas and go-go dancers and skeletons(which I love because of my nurse side.....taught the kids names of bones this year)......we walk around our neighborhoods with leaves crunching and pulling our coats tighter around us.....sometimes we tromp through the snow....we see our friends and parents of our kids randomly with stangers....and of course my kids give me all white chocolates and little boxes of Dots...cus that is the "rule" at our house. We will soon be solidly into winter...this is sometimes the last time I see or speak to some of these people (other than a wave and accidental grocery store meeting) until spring. I love the whole stinking thing.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the definitions of the names of Satan....I have not seen those before....putting them to memory!